Nosoyo mit neuer Single „Tall As A Tower“

Nosoyo - Foto: PR

Das Popduo NOSOYO bringt mit „Tall as a tower“ einen Vorgeschmack auf ihre EP „Glitter to my sisters“ (Release: 6.12.2019) heraus. Der neue Track ist tanzbar, geradeheraus und, wie man so schön sagt, „auf die 12“. Inspiriert von einem Interview mit Chance The Rapper über Machtmissbrauch in der Musikindustrie ist die Message ganz klar: Wer sich groß aufspielt fühlt sich im Inneren höchstwahrscheinlich ganz klein.

How was the song created?
It was one of those tracks where the basic idea was created in just a couple of minutes. Just the vocal loop and the beat, that was already enough to dance to. The lyrics came much later.

What was the idea?
To make a song to get down to, forget the world and do the kind of dancing you need to do to shake off your demons. We mixed a modern pop melody with a more punk style arrangement. We wanted to write a politically charged song, that’s why we chose this approach.

What is it about?
It is about people who climbed up into a power position and occupy it, start losing their sanity and treat people without respect. In the music industry there is a lot of hierarchy- thinking and power-play. Once you start criticizing you will probably not be welcome in that system anymore, we have definitely had to deal with our share of these kinds of people.

What is the message?
Stop bowing down to the narcissists and recognize that people that push you around only do so because they feel really really really small on the inside. Nobody has the right to think they’re better than anyone else, let alone think they can treat people as if they own them.

Fun Fact?
It’s the first time Donata kind of raps in a song, it was very refreshing and fun to fit the words into the meter of the song. AND Daim does a beatboxing-sequence when we play this song live!

For whom? 
For everyone who is tired of trying to please people who act like they are entitled to more money/more freedom/more rights than you. Everybody counts and everybody is important, being older or in a higher position at work does not automatically make them smarter, kinder or better than you. The song is for everyone who’s had to deal with narcisists in their lives.

What does the song mean to you personally?
Daim: To me the song is reckoning with all the people who’ve made me feel small.
Donata: I thought of these lyrics after reading an interview about the music industry with Chance the Rapper, he was talking about not being able to record or release songs that he made with friends, because their labels would tell him that they OWN his friends.

D&D: When we looked around in the industry we are surrounded by we could very much relate to that story.

What is special about the song musically?
Musically it has an upbeat bouncy and punky vibe, it’s driving and straight forward but has great melodic hook in the chorus.


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