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Rumble — A MOTHER of two refuses to hide her excess skin after losing over 59lbs. Lidia Inestroza, 27, from Texas, has gone from 201lbs to just under 142lbs after radically changing her lifestyle. Her weight gain followed after giving birth to her son. Lidia told Barcroft TV: “I was never really overweight growing up until I got married and I had my first kid that’s when my weight started going up. I was a couch potato. All I did was eat, watch TV, take care of my kids that was pretty much my daily routine; eat, watch TV, do chores.”

At her heaviest, Lidia weighed 201lbs and her diet consisted of fast food and soda. But after noticing her weight gain was affecting her relationship with her husband, Lidia decided enough was enough and she started weight training. She has also switched to healthy high protein meals with lots of fruit and veggies and lost over 59lbs. Since she lost her weight, the mum of two has recovered from depression and her confidence has improved significantly – but on a downside, Lidia was left with a large amount of excess skin on her stomach.

The 27-year-old decided to embrace her loose skin and says that it won’t stop her from reaching her goals: “Don’t let that be an excuse to not change your lifestyle. Your loose skin will be part of your journey and will tell a story.”

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