WHERE DID NORA GO mit Video zur 3. Single „She Loves“

„She Loves“ ist die 3. Single, die Where Did Nora Go veröffentlicht.
Astrid Nora sang und spielte den ganzen Song in einem Take – keine Schnitte und keine Bearbeitungen. Sie erklärt das Lied:

“‘She Loves’ is about that eternal, unimaginable force of love that arises when you become a mother (or a father I assume). It bursts any hitherto notion of boundaries and capacity. It is as if children make the flow of love just flood everything – not just to and from them, but in general. At least that’s how it has been for me. I love more and I love deeper. Not just people close to me – the love extends to even strangers I meet on my way. It is one of the greatest gifts of parenthood I think.
Other than that I think the children who come to us come here to teach us something. They are still whole, unspoiled beings, and they remind us of this sacred, unconditional, defenseless love. ‘Armorless’ love. That and of oneness and connectedness. It is the most beautiful thing a human can experience. The song is also a kind of pledge to my children that I will do anything I can to guard and protect that purity and sensitivity – embrace it and nurture the innocent for as long as possible.
And then it is about the deep mysterious bond – a bond I believe stretches even beyond this lifetime transcending life and death. Since I was a little girl the thought of reincarnation has felt very natural to me and my daughters fully confirm this belief. It is truly one of life’s mysteries.

Where the former single ‘I’m Still Here’ was about all the struggles of becoming a mom to premature twins and the fight for survival, this song is about all that came before and after – about what remains; this explosion of love that seems to grow deeper every day. I still marvel at this way of being that pulls you right into the present moment of pure, untainted existence.”

Hier gehts zum Song: https://celebration.lnk.to/WDNG-She

Kommende Konzerte in Deutschland:
22.11. Posh Teckel, Berlin
23.11. Galerie Fango Cottbus

Hier geht es zum Video:


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