NEW YORK Photosession 2022 with Edward Luca

NEW YORK Photosession 2022 with Edward Luca


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After being a photographer nearly forever I started focussing on malemodels a couple of years ago, during a vacation in New York City.

Nowadays I combine traveling and nice collaborations with malemodels from all over the world.

Mostly they are newcomers, but quite a few made their first step into the modeling business in front of my camera.

I even saw some of them as „extras“ in a couple of huge #Netflix #productions, like „The Glass Onion“ (movie) or „Smiley“ (spanish series). And I am soooo proud when I discover that!!!

This time it was the second shooting with Luca. Again, it was pretty cold, but he really did a very good job. He made a huge step forward from our first session.

Dieses Video freut sich auf mehr als 4 Views! Dir gefällt das Video, dann teile die Seite auf deinen Social Media Kanälen, damit auch deine Freunde was davon haben. Wenn Du ein Malemodel bist, besonders im Berlin-Brandenburger Raum, dann melde dich gerne via Instagram. Ich suche ständig neue Malemodels, die ein frisches Erscheinen, gute Mucks oder einfach nur coolen Style haben.

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