Luke Sital-Singh erstes Live-Album: „Live at the Union Chapel“

Der britische Singer/Songwriter Luke Sital-Singh veröffentlicht am 15.09.2017 sein erstes Live-Album „Live at the Union Chapel”. Aufgenommen wurde dieses Konzert am 23. Mai dieses Jahres in eben diesem Venue. Ohne Zweifel einem der schönsten Londons. Ein Traum, den Sital-Singh, der dort früher als Aufseher arbeitete, lange hegte.

“I don’t often use the the phrase ‘Dream come true’. It’s just a bit too cliché, it’s meaning has been blunted from overuse,” says Sital-Singh. “Nonetheless it does feel apt for this point in time in my journey. Ever since I would listen to Damien Rice’s live Union Chapel EP back in 2007, which as I write is almost exactly 10 years ago, this venue has left its mark on me. A point a long way off on the map, something to aim my arrows at. I knew but I don’t think I believed, or perhaps I never knew but always believed, that I would one day perform my own show there and release my own ‘Live at the Union Chapel’ album. I certainly never thought my journey would take me inside that place a few years ago when I worked at the venue as a steward, each night tasked with vacuuming the stage after each performance, preparing it, I thought, for myself. But anyway, here it is. My Union Chapel performance, released just as much for me as for you. Something to remind me of an aspiration accomplished, a goal succeeded, a dream come true.  OK. What’s next?”

In diesem Jahr feiert die Union Chapel als Venue 25jähriges Jubiläum. Am 16.09. findet anlässlich des Geburtstages ein großes Konzert statt, das Sital-Singh headlinen wird. Im Oktober geht er dann auf ausgedehnte Nordamerika Tour.

Sital-Singhs aktuelles Studioalbum „Time Is A Riddle” ist am 12.05.2017 erschienen.

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