EMILIE ZOÉ & CHRISTIAN GARCIA-GAUCHER – neue Single ‘Pigeons – Soundtrack for the Birds on the Treetops Watching the Movie of our Lives ‘ erscheint am 03.04. bei Hummus Records. Das Album ist ein alternativer Soundtrack zu Roy Anderssons Film „A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence“

Im Frühjahr 2020 wird diese limitierte Platte bei Hummus Records in ihrer ursprünglichen Form, synchronisiert mit der Projektion des gesamten Films und mit der Ergänzung durch Nicolas Pittet am Schlagzeug, bei ausgewählten Live-Shows präsentiert werden.

Jetzt erscheint mit „The Grand Scheme“ die zweite Single, samt Video aus dem Album. Emilie Zoé über den Song und das Video:
„Watching Roy Andersson’s movie gave me a good reason to write songs: it observes human beings like pigeons do, from afar on the treetops. I had this old organ-synth whose sound and drum machines particularly fitted the film’s mood. „The Grand Scheme“ is the first song I wrote for that project. It says, maybe to convince ourselves or eventry to create reality, that in the grand scheme of things, we’re doing fine.

This video is just like a home-made pie, the one you end up doing on alate Sunday evening with whatever’s left in your fridge. Random elements joyfully put together, a strange and cheap cake that has THIS special taste that makes you feel at home. Yes, it is badly shot by myself and roughly cut. Yes, it looks like a holiday video, a bunch of friends hanging out in underwear in a messy attic studio. But yes, my life will never feel as good as when I’m surrounded with talented friends casually doing what they do best : writing, recording and sharing music for the sole pleasure of spending time together. Quoting Christian : „it is totally part of the concept of such a thing to be seriously lousy“

Foto-Credit: Louis Jucker


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