DRIED TEARS – Thomas Krüger | Alon Ohel’s Yellow Piano – YOU ARE NOT ALONE

DRIED TEARS – Thomas Krüger | Alon Ohel’s Yellow Piano – YOU ARE NOT ALONE


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Click the 🔔 bell to always be notified on new uploads! ___________ „Dried Tears“ from my new album „Indecision“, listen to the album here: ► https://umg.lnk.to/_Indecision Listen to „Dried Tears“ and more of my songs here: ► https://umg.lnk.to/DriedTears ► https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/track/2Ak4GFkVubdRpQ2GLLOwtO Official Music Video: ► https://youtu.be/lrBxGZn9zAw?feature=shared ______________________ Subscribe to my YouTube channel and FOLLOW ME here: https://youtube.com/@ThomasKruegerPianoman ► @ThomasKruegerPianoman LinkTree: ► https://linktr.ee/thomaskrueger.official My Homepage! ► https://www.thomaskrueger-pianoman.com/ COME TO MY CONCERTS 🎶 ► https://www.thomaskrueger-pianoman.com/en/live ______________________ 💼 Info | Contact | Booking | Management: ► info@musicstarter.de ______________________ DESCRIPTION: #youarenotalone #AlonOhel This is a very emotional project here in Berlin at the famous UNESCO museum island („Museumsinsel“) @staatlichemuseenzuberlin at James-Simon-Galerie because of the terrible terror attack from Hamas on Israel. „Das Gelbe Klavier“ – The Yellow Piano 💛🎹 is a piano installation for the pianist Alon Ohel, who was abducted and kidnapped from the Hamas terrorists. Nobody knows if he’s alive or not. The absurdity: it could have been me – me as a human and pianist, who has been there at that same horrible time. Because I WAS there too (from October 3rd to 13th) in Israel with my mother and just made holidays in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. And visited some people of my also Jewish family.. Also fhe famous pianist Igor Levit played here at the first day, when the piano opened for just some days. Everybody can play and set an example for the liberation of Alon Ohel and for the condemnation of the barbaric act of terror by Hamas, which unfortunately many Palestinians supported in retrospect. I find that sad, and also that open anti-Semitism is increasing around the world and again here in Germany and is being shown without inhibition. So, I decided to play something personal. And played one of my newest and emotional compositions: DRIED TEARS. It is very very personal and the main piece of my new album ‚Indecision‘, which will be released still this week on Friday, January 26th. 💿 You will find it on all streaming platforms, also for download. 🎧 ► https://umg.lnk.to/_Indecision ► https://music.apple.com/de/album/indecision/1724270766 ► https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/track/42NPwaxZahd0bvOqTlneOV ► https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/album/4PIXhc2y2rJUdRr4G7zQVx In 2023 I published a wonderful official music video to „Dried Tears“. You will find it here. ► https://youtu.be/lrBxGZn9zAw?feature=shared We wish all the best for Alon Ohel and all the other abducted people who are still in the custody of the terrorist Hamas. 🙏 Maybe one day 🇮🇱 and 🇵🇸 can life side by side in peace and harmony. ✡️ 🕍 and ☪️ 🕌 🕋 Video by Eva Lindner 📹 ► https://www.instagram.com/avatarseyes/ ______________________ #DriedTears #ThomasKrüger #MrPianoman #indecision

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