WHERE DID NORA GO mit Video zu „Never Falter“

Sängerin, Cellistin und Komponistin Astrid Nora ist endlich wieder mit ihrem Projket Where Did Nora Go da. Nach fünf Jahren, in denen sie sich vor allem um ihre zu früh geborenen Zwillingsmädchen kümmerte. Jetzt kurz vor VÖ ihrer EP „Womb of Life“ erscheint das Video zur Single „Never Falter“

Die EP wurde live mit Jacob Haubjerg am Bass (Savage Rose, Kira Skov, Luster) und Anders Bach Pedersen an Schlagzeug und Synth (MØ, Irah, Bisse) und natärlich Astrid Nora selbst am Gesang und diesmal vor allem am Klavier anstelle von das Cello eingespielt. Die EP wurde von Musik-Zauberer Brian Batz (Sleep Party People) produziert. Astrid Noraüber die erste Single “Never Falter”:

“The text came to me, as most of my lyrics do, in one piece – as a pure download and a deep encouragement to myself. – After spending a lot of time at home with my twin daughters, I developed a sometimes painful inner longing to share my voice and music with the outside world.

Social media can be a source of tremendous inspiration, but also a serious pitfall when in the state of chronic fatigue, as I was in at the time. I needed to stop completely and really take to heart; there is a time for everything! I had to learn the virtue of patience and surrender to what was.
Another point is the hesitant, pending attitude which was a strong and painful tendency earlier in my life. A silent killer. There have been times in the last 3 years where I began to doubt whether I had fallen back into my old habits.

Immersed in motherhood and my two little girls, there were moments when I heard an inner voice calling desperately what is going to become of me? But I wasn’t ready to leave my girls, nor did I have the energy to create a new vision for myself and my music. Everything I had been through, the traumatic period and huge transformation we had gone through, had led me to a new sound, new musical partners – almost a new identity.

I sincerely believe that we all have a unique path to travel and tasks to do that only we can accomplish. When you keep your own life purpose in mind, I don’t think you can ever really go wrong. Everything becomes a gathering of experience. For better or for worse. It’s a win-win. So the song is essentially a strong reminder to stay on this track and solely have one’s true purpose in mind. The song is one of the most  and carefree – least dramatic – songs I’ve ever written. The coolest perhaps. The whole process from start to finish was carried by pure intuition and I really love and am quite amazed at how it all landed ”.

Hier geht es zum Song:

Hier geht es zum Video:


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