Flashmob with 4 Pianos on Marzahner Promenade in Berlin – Thomas Krüger

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4 Pianos – 4 Pianists!
🎹 🟠🟡🟢🔴 🎹

Here we play the 4 coloured pianos together at the same time live at Marzahner Promenade in Berlin-Marzahn!
I was able to gather 4 Pianists to the „Nachbarschaftsfest Marzahn. So we started the fun on all four not quite identical tuned pianos playing simultaneously. 🤗😂😝

Thomas Krüger – Orange Piano 🧡🎹🧡
Boris Hirschmüller – Yellow Piano 💛🎹💛
Axel Schönau – Green Piano 💚🎹💚
David Pfabe – Red Piano ❤🎹❤

Pianos are designed by:
Krystian Schneidewind

Video by Peter Reichelt
► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCElfN7rCNq7lc_c32qkqdcA
► http://www.stoellnkiter.de/

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